In my mind's eye, I've always been a photographer, but not always with a camera. The moment, the details, the's the way I view the world.

Thanks, Dad! 

I wish I could've let him know how much he influenced my love for the still image.  His numerous after-dinner slideshows were a source of great anticipation and never disappointed. When the last slide had flashed across the screen, my brothers would say, “Great”,  while I would say, “More!”

I found myself enamored by a photograph’s power to freeze a moment in time, tell a story, evoke emotion, and express an aesthetic. It was that early revelation that inspired me to capture the beauty and boundless artistry surrounding us, but also, the fabric of everyday experience.

As a self-taught natural light photographer, I experiment with a wide range of subject and style. Dubbing myself a 'passion-clicker', I want to create an image of anything that interests me, whether simple or grand, stunning or dismal, extraordinary or mundane. Unlike many other visual artists, it's difficult for me to develop a niche.....there's just so much in this magnificent world to capture. Yet, in an effort to narrow my focus, nature, street photography and street portraiture have taken center stage.

Nature sustains me, and I yearn to capture that which makes my spirit soar. But my attraction to street and portraiture is in a photo's ability to encapsulate that "decisive moment" in any situation, and to express the essence of a person. There's always a story to tell. Sometimes it involves humor, sentiment, or social commentary, and sometimes it's simply focusing on a different perspective that may have gone unnoticed by many.


In 2012, I co-founded the Miami Street Photography Festival, an international event that has set the stage for numerous festivals arising throughout the world. Most recently, my images have been exhibited in the U.S., Russia, Italy, Czechia, and Australia. In addition, I was privileged to be a jurist for the internationally acclaimed "The Fence/Photoville" in Brooklyn, and one of my photos, iMail, was recognized as a top honor by Magnum's Alex Webb.

Thank you for sharing my journey. I hope it brings you pleasure.